History of Comfort Craft

Jim Craft, the founder and President of Comfort Craft Inc. suffered a head and neck injury in one of the local water parks in 1983. For over three years, he struggled with neck pain that critically affected his active sports driven life. He had tried various massage treatment's, but the breakthrough came when he started a ten session S.O.M.A. treatment plan. Over the course of the treatment, Jim and the therapist began talking, and the therapist asked Jim, who he knew to be an engineer working for a defense company, to help him design a table that would bend at the mid-section. It was at that moment, the seed that became Comfort Craft Inc. was planted.

The company literally started in the Craft garage. With the help of his eldest son, Zack, Jim designed and built the first table. The first design quickly taught them that the table must be powered to make it useful for the massage profession. The use of electric motors instead of hydraulics was the right direction for this design. The goal was to create a table that would make the client as comfortable as possible for the long structural sessions. During this process, the design focus broadened to create a professional tool that would benefit the therapist by reducing the effort and stress level when doing deep work.

Comfort Craft Inc. was created and well on its way to building a table that would eventually change the work styles and increase the profits of many professional massage therapists. Comfort Craft has always listened to their client’s needs, ideas and requests, therefore enabling them to create a product that enhanced the patient’s experience and offered tremendous work benefits to the therapists. The mid-split feature, the electric foot controls for height adjustments, the cut in table top design and the sliding head rest all became features that marked the Comfort Craft Table as something unique to the industry.

Soon Comfort Craft became a full time business and moved into a location that could offer office and factory/ warehouse space. As the sales grew, the staff grew and the Comfort Craft name was established within the industry. Both of Jim’s sons, Zack and Eric, helped keep the company functioning during the early years, but have since moved on to their own careers. Jim’s daughter Hagan has become a full partner in the business, and has helped the company diversify into other areas. Utilizing the knowledge gained working with the massage industry, the company recently designed a dental chair that provides a high level of comfort for long cosmetic dental work.

Through the years, Comfort Craft has dedicated itself to building a quality product, building lasting relationships with their client base and always researching new ways to continue to be a trusted resource for the massage industry.