The Best Massage Table for Relieving Tech Neck Problems

What is tech neck? It is the neck produced by improper posture. Many people have tech neck due to texting while looking down or hunching over their desks. The problem with tech neck is that it not only hurts the neck but also compresses the spine. This compression makes the body look shorter and suffer from many aches. What is the solution? Doing specific stretches and getting regular massages to counteract tech neck. Using Comfort Craft’s Model 850, which is the best massage table for doing specific stretches and Myoskeletal alignment techniques, you can fight off tech neck.


Why Tech Neck Causes Pain

The neck, as you know, holds the head upright. This is already a tough job, since the head is heavy. When you add slouching to the mix, the head gains further weight. In fact, for every inch forward, our head can increase its weight on the spine by ten pounds. Talk about heavy! Just imagine how much the neck must work to keep the head upright. And that is why tech neck causes pain.


How Model 850 Helps Counteract Tech Neck

If you thought the Model 850 was just like any other massage table, you were wrong. What makes this table the best massage table for solving tech neck is its bend (mid-split) design and sliding headrest. Plus, this table is electric, allowing therapists to easily adjust the table.


Due to the bend in the table, the body can go into a relaxed position. This is because the natural body is not flat. The body has curves. However, due to everyday slouching, the body’s natural curves in the spine changes. This causes back and neck pains. Model 850 uses its bend to bring the body back into its natural, relaxed state. This allows the physical therapist to do specific stretches to open the front and relax the back. In doing so, the spine is brought back to its natural state. 

Similarly, Model 850’s sliding headrest puts the neck into a relaxed position and allows the therapist to extend the back. With additional neck and arm stretches, therapists can then relieve and eliminate tech neck.


While tech neck causes pain, there is a way to fix it. With Model 850, the best massage table on the market, proper neck stretches can eliminate this issue. To learn more about this amazing table, call Comfort Craft today. Jim loves talking tables!