3 Informative Blogs on Comfort Craft’s Best Massage Tables


3 Informative Blogs on Comfort Craft’s Best Massage Tables

When choosing a massage table, you should always look for an ergonomic one you can customize. While there are tons of massage tables on the market, not all are ergonomic. In fact, few provide the support and benefits of using one of Comfort Craft’s massage tables. So, to make the search easier for you, we have put together three blogs on Comfort Craft’s amazing tables and what they can do.


The Best Massage Table for Relieving Tech Neck Problems

What is tech neck? It is the neck produced by improper posture. Many people have tech neck due to texting while looking down or hunching over their desks. The problem with tech neck is that it not only hurts the neck but also compresses the spine. This compression makes the body look shorter and suffer from many aches. What is the solution? Doing specific stretches and getting regular massages to counteract tech neck. Using Comfort Craft’s Model 850, which is the best massage table for doing specific stretches and Myoskeletal alignment techniques, you can fight off tech neck.

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Why an Adjustable Massage Table Makes a Difference

A massage table is the center of every massage. It is the support for both the patient and the massage therapist. Without it, the patient is not steady and the massage therapist is not comfortable. So, investing in the right massage table matters. Which is where an adjustable massage table comes in. Since support is such an important part of massage, there is nothing better than a table that adjusts to your needs. Nothing says support like a table that matches the patient’s body length and curves.


The Best Massage Table for Opening the Front and Relaxing the Back

For most of us, we sit at our desks all day for work or school. Then we come home and sit some more. We slouch at the couch to watch TV. And for much of our day we are looking down at our phones and tablets. The downside of that has been repeated by our mothers and doctors. We are ruining our backs, they say. Our heads are heavy, and now our necks are having to do four times the work. Every inch forward, our head can increase its weight on the spine by ten pounds. Now that is a heavy head! This causes problems for the spine, which starts to compress upon itself. Physical therapists reverse this issue by using an ergonomic massage table, Model 850 by Comfort Craft. This table allows them to open the front of the patient and relax the back all while lengthening the body.


Comfort Craft’s massage tables are the best on the market for a reason. Being ergonomic, customizable, and full of amazing benefits makes these tables stand out. If you wish to learn more about these tables, feel free to call us at (800) 858-2838. Jim loves talking tables!