Why Invest in Comfort Craft’s Portable Massage Table

Comfort Craft is well-known for its ergonomic massage tables and mid-split design. However, did you know that we also have a portable massage table that will improve your career? Professional massage therapists who are constantly on the go use table Model 100 for an obvious reason. They can take it anywhere! In fact, sport massage therapists who travel a lot find this table easy to carry and use.


What Makes this Portable Massage Table So Great?

The Model 100 table is a reinforced portable massage table built to the same specification as the line of Comfort Craft bodywork technologies. Though, it also has these amazing features:

  • Steel receiving plates have been added to the table to easily install the steel bars that attach the stretching straps securely to the table.
  • Since the table weighs only 49 lbs., transportation in easy, which makes this table convenient for airline shipping.
  • The handy storage bag contains the 4 AIS Bars, the 4 pads, 8 straps with buckles, 2 Knee Stabilizer straps, and 2 Single Leg straps (approximately 25 lbs.).
  • Comfort Craft has truly created the “on the go “table with the Model 100. It can be opened; bars and straps installed and be ready for use or breakdown in less than 15 minutes.
  • Tested for over two years, it has proven to be a highly effective tool for NFL players and other professional athletes.
  • The Model 100 AIS system comes with 4 main pads and 2 sets of crossover strap.
  • As with all Comfort Craft tables, this system can be easily modified for the custom needs of each individual therapist. 


Investing in a Comfort Craft portable massage table is a great way to improve your massage therapy career and get one of the best ergonomic tables.