Why Invest in this Bodywork Table by Comfort Craft

As a massage therapist, finding the right bodywork table is a must. Not just any able can work because they are not all high-quality. Therefore, when it comes to choosing the right table for your work, you must look for an ergonomic table that is customizable and has several features and benefits. Comfort Craft’s Model 800 does just that.


Why Does Model 800 Stand Out as a Bodywork Table?

Model 800 is special for one big reason: its mid-split design (the bend). This wonderful bodywork table is not flat like other massage therapy tables on the market. Its bend, in fact, puts patients in a relaxed position so therapists can open the back area with little effort. It also does the following:

  • The smooth, electric powered mid-split design dramatically improves treatment because the patient’s back is immediately taken out of compression as it is on flat tables.
  • Effortless ergonomics are easily obtained using the cutout in the pad to step in close to the body, allowing therapists to use their own weight, not their strength. This reduces the work effort, while increasing energy levels. The therapist can then open and lengthen the body with comfortable strokes.
  • The head pillow aligns the head with the body, which gives the patient total support, helps the release, and aids in the relaxation of the body.



What Makes the Mid-Split Design Important?

Let us compare the Model 800 to flat massage tables. But first, think about the human body. The human body has curves and is clearly not flat. Thus, why would a regular flat massage table be comfortable to lie on? The mid-split design of the Model 800, however, makes the table perfect for the human body. It provides a much-needed comfort to the client by helping him/her be in the most relaxed state their body needs. Plus, the massage therapist also benefits from the mid-split design because they do not have to lean over the patient and use their strength. They can simply use their weight. This leads the bodywork therapist to do a more effective therapy session without being tired or having a sore back, neck, shoulders, or arms.



When it comes down to the facts, nothing compares to Comfort Craft’s Model 800 bodywork table. It is both ergonomic and effective all while giving the patient (and therapist) an energy boost. Model 800 provides both the patient and therapist with the best environment and relaxation possible.