Why Choose a Comfort Craft Chiropractor Table?

A high-quality, chiropractor table is a must for every chiropractor. One, it will improve the work the chiropractor does. Two, it will make the patient feel better. Which is why Comfort Craft’s Model 850 is ideal for all chiropractors.


Why is Model 850 the Perfect Table for Chiropractors?

What do most chiropractors struggle with during their sessions with their patient? It is undoubtedly the pressure each session puts on their own muscles. Hunching over the patient and putting force into the work causes a therapists to have neck, back, and shoulder pain, not to mention sore arms. For a long time, this has been the expected outcome when a therapist goes in for work. However, Comfort Craft does not believe this “outcome” needs to remain. Which is why they have created the best chiropractor table, Model 850.


Model 850 is advanced for bodywork professionals and chiropractors. It is a great electric massage table that has:

  • A lateral rear unit which will move 25 degrees in either direction for working the lower extremities during side-to-side movement. This unique feature was designed for Active Release Technique (ART) and other types of treatment that require movement during therapy.
  • The second new feature is the removable shoulder extension at the front pad area. This design provides a front pad that can change from a 30”/32” wide pad to a 16” wide chest pad that allows for total shoulder movement in the face-down or face-up positions.
  • Comfort Craft also added special foam in the center of the pad for chiropractic-type adjustments yet still offers the comfort of a bodywork table.

What is the Mid-Split Design?

Comfort Craft tables are well known for their mid-split design, or the bend, and Model 850, the chiropractor table, is no exception. Like mentioned earlier, chiropractors and therapists have a hard time during sessions because of the strain being put on their muscles. That is what the mid-split is for.


Comfort Craft pioneered the mid-split design 20 years ago to help therapists take the body out of being on a flat surface. This creative approach allows the relaxation of the lower back and supports the arch of the body when the patient is lying face up.


Another great benefit of the mid-split is that it can be used by chiropractors to help themselves with opening their own front line due to overworking their own muscles. In other words, the bend not only improves the treatment and the comfort of the patient, but it also reduces the therapist’s efforts by half and allows him/her to work more efficiently. Thus, no more would a therapist need to hunch over the patient, putting strain on his/her shoulders, arms, and back just to be able to give the patient a good massage.


Comfort Craft’s chiropractor table, Model 850, can improve a chiropractor’s work and enhance the patient’s comfort. Plus, it is high-quality.