The Massage Table That Will Extend Your Sports Therapy Career

As a sports therapist, the right massage table can either improve your work or limit it. This is because a table that lacks proper support is harder to work with. Imagine being hunched over your patient, using your force to massage their tight muscles. This does not only put strain on your shoulders, arms, and back, but it also decreases your ability. Therefore, investing in the right table is essential for extending your career. Choosing one of Comfort Craft’s ergonomic tables is a great choice.

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Why Choose a Comfort Craft Massage Table?

Comfort Craft pioneered the mid-split design (the bend) to help therapists take the body out of being on a flat surface. This creative approach allows the relaxation of the lower back and supports the arch of the body when lying face up. Not only that, but these tables are beneficial for sports therapists. Because of the mid-split design, therapists can help themselves with opening up their front line due to overworking their muscles. In other words, the bend both improves the treatment and the comfort of the patient and reduces the therapist’s effort by half. A two to three-minute session can make a major difference in day-to-day work. Plus, choosing a Comfort Craft massage table helps therapists use their weight instead of their force. Thus, no more would a therapist need to hunch over the patient, putting strain on their shoulders, arms, and back just to give a good massage. This removes strain away from the sports therapist and extends their career.


What Can the Right Investment Do for You?

Choosing the right massage table that will extend your career is beneficial in many ways. For one, you can earn more money. Not only will you be able to work for more years, but you will be able to take on more patients in a single day. At the same time, the more comfort you give to your patients, the more likely they are to return. With the right table, you can grow your business and bring relaxation and health to more people. Doing what you love is easy when you choose a Comfort Craft table. The ergonomic mid-split design is a sure way to extend your career as a physical therapist.


There are a couple of different Comfort Craft tables to choose from. However, they are all great investments. As a physical therapist, choosing the best massage table that will extend your career and help you and your patients feel good is a must.