The Adjustable Massage Table Solving Tech Neck Problems

In this day and age, most people experience tech neck problems. Slouching to look at the phone while texting is one cause behind this tech neck. Another cause is improper posture while working on the computer. Most screens are either too high or too low (such as with laptops). This causes people to tilt their necks, making the head heavy on the spine. Thus, back and neck pain ensues from these terrible habits. An effective way physical therapists can get rid of tech neck problems is by using Comfort Craft’s adjustable massage table, Model 850.


The Adjustable Massage Table that Gives Support to the Neck

The neck has a big role to play in supporting the head. However, what supports the neck? With every slouch, the head gains extra weight. In fact, for every inch forward, the head can increase its weight on the spine by ten pounds. Talk about heavy! Just imagine how much the neck must work to keep the head upright. With Comfort Craft’s Model 850, the neck finally gets the support it needs. With a few adjustments, physical therapists can relax the neck and stretch the back to counter the effects of improper posture.


How Model 850 Helps Counteract Tech Neck

Comfort Craft’s adjustable massage table, Model 850, has tons of features that make it great for eliminating tech neck problems. What makes this table one of the best for solving tech neck is its bend (mid-split) design and sliding headrest. Additionally, this table is electric, allowing therapists to easily make adjustments.


Due to the bend in the table, the body can go into a relaxed position. This is because the natural body is not flat. The body has curves. Yet, due to everyday slouching, the body’s natural curves in the spine changes. This causes back and neck pains. Model 850 uses its bend to bring the body back into its natural, relaxed state. This allows physical therapists to do specific stretches to open the front and relax the back. In doing so, the spine is brought back to its natural state.


Plus, Model 850’s sliding headrest puts the neck into a relaxed position and allows the therapist to extend the back. With additional neck and arm stretches, therapists can then relieve and eliminate tech neck problems.


Tech neck problems are on the rise, but this amazing Comfort Craft’s adjustable massage table can counteract this issue and get rid of neck pain.