How Deep Tissue Massage Can Help Marathon Runners

Marathon runners have a goal set in mind: to strengthen their body and reach the end. Thus, while training, they tend to do intense workouts. While these workouts help them prepare for marathons, they also leave them sore. So, how can marathon runners strengthen their bodies without losing energy? With regular massages! Professional marathon runners all know of the importance of massage. For one, it boosts energy. For two, it helps with the blood flow. However, there is specific timing to receiving these helpful massages. That leaves you with the following question: How often should marathon runners get deep tissue massages and what are the top deep tissue massage benefits?


What Are the Benefits?

There are many deep tissue massage benefits for marathon runners, both for improving their health and aiding them in their marathons.

  • Deep tissue massages improve blood flow to the muscles by stimulating the circulatory system.
  • They create an inflow of oxygen-rich blood, which assists in getting rid of the byproducts of hard exercise and supplies fresh nutrients.
  • Helps marathon runners reduce muscle soreness and enhance range of motion (which can greatly come in handy during future marathons), and aids in the breakup of scar tissue or adhesions that can constrain muscle movements.

With these benefits, professional marathon runners would feel better after long training sessions and intense workouts and would also be in a healthier shape for the next marathon.


When Should Marathon Runners Get Deep Tissue Massages?

People new to this sport sometimes make the mistake of getting thier massages at the wrong time. With all the training a runner put in, we don't want set the marathon runner back. And since deep tissue massages are meant to improve a marathon runner’s shape and health and make him or her feel better after long training sessions and marathons, it is important to know when the right time is to get a deep tissue massage.


To do so, we are going to mention when not to get a massage.

  • It is a bad idea to get a massage immediately after long training sessions or marathons, since it is best that the muscles are relaxed during deep tissue massages. Therefore, a marathon runner can get a massage after an easy workout and run.
  • It is also recommended that he or she get a massage the day before another light workout and run. Besides, going for a hard run and workout right after a deep tissue massage only negates the benefits and reintroduces waste products into the system, which further dehydrates the muscles, and that is not something a marathon runner wants.

Thus, a marathon runner should let his or her body heal a few days after a long marathon before he or she gets a deep tissue massage. The same applies to getting a massage before a long marathon; doing so several days before a long run is the best choice marathon runners could make.


Deep tissue massage can help marathon runners feel their best in between intense workouts and training sessions. Plus, it keeps their body strong. To enhance recovery, a runner should ask for the next massage be on a Comfort Craft Table. The Model 800 & Model 850 are ideal for sports and deep tissue therapy.