Why an Adjustable Massage Table Makes a Differenc

A massage table is the center of every massage. It is the support for both the patient and the massage therapist. Without it, the patient is not steady and the massage therapist is not comfortable. So, investing in the right massage table matters. Which is where an adjustable massage table comes in. Since support is such an important part of massage, there is nothing better than a table that adjusts to your needs. Nothing says support like a table that matches the patient’s body length and curves.

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What Can an Adjustable Massage Table Do for the Patient?

The patient’s body needs total support in order to relax and get the most out of the massage. Without that proper support, tension might still be trapped inside the body. And as a massage therapist, you do not want your patient leaving with tense shoulders or lower back pain. A massage table that can adjust can ensure the patient’s arms are supported, even if he has longer arms than the pervious patient. You want to have rotating arm pads and a sliding headrest that can be adjusted or removed. This kind of support will take your massage session to the next level.


What Can an Adjustable Massage Table Do for the Massage Therapist?

The right adjustments to a massage table allow the massage therapist to work with ease. With a relaxed patient, the massage therapist is more able to help the patient relieve tension trapped in the body. An adjustable table also helps the massage therapist do specific stretches and massage tricks that she would not be able to do before.


What Is a Good Massage Table that Can Adjust to the Patient’s Needs?

Comfort Craft’s Model 300 is a perfect example of an adjustable massage table. This table reduces a therapist’s workload by 50% and allows the patient to relax into a neutral position during the massage. Different body positions are easily obtained using the dual foot controls on either side of the table. Plus, the patient’s position is enhanced by using the power mid-split. Removing the headrest allows the therapist to move the patient’s head in any position, offering complete release and relaxation of the neck muscles. Using the power mid-split, the patient’s lower back is allowed to relax by raising the table nine degrees while in the prone position. This takes the compressed back in to the neutral position, which aids the therapist in treatment. With the patient in a supine position, the nine degrees supports the low back’s arch muscles and allows the body to be neutral. Not to mention that this table comes with an adjustable, removal sliding headrest and rotating arm pads.


An adjustable massage table can relax the patient into a neutral position and help the massage therapist work with ease, and that equals a better session.

What the Right Massage Stool Can Do for You


Massage stools are used to support massage therapists and allow ease of access to the patient. However, that does not mean that all massage stools are alike. Each is made differently, and not all give total support to the therapist. So, it is not enough to invest in just about any massage stool. Choosing a stool at random would only hurt you. Still, what exactly makes massage stools work and not work?


The Massage Stools of the Past

Most massage stools of the past have been made to roll around. While this allows the bodywork therapist to move around the patient freely, it does not provide support. The therapist must halt themselves from rolling around. This puts pressure on the massage therapist. Imagine a massage session where you are rolling around, must steady yourself, and give a good massage. Not only is this exhausting to you but also the patient, who will not receive the best massage.

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The Massage Stool that Makes a Difference

Massage stools such as Comfort Craft’s T-Base stool truly make a difference. The reason is in the large wheel castor system and non-rotating seat. This allows the therapist to control the stool completely by using the leg muscles. No more rolling around without control of the stool. At the same time, this stool has an ergonomic design which allows the knee to be higher than the hip when you are seated, utilizing the sit muscles for movement control. Plus, the T-Base stool’s height can be adjusted to the massage therapist’s height and preference.


The best part of the T-Base stool is the fact that the bodywork therapist can utilize it to do stretches on the patients without the seat rolling away. Thanks to this massage stool, the therapist can stretch the patient back and remain where they want to be. This decreases pressure off the massage therapist, since they would be working less to steady themselves. And that results in a better massage session.


The right massage stool can make a huge difference in how a therapist performs and how the patient feels during a massage session. It is always a wise idea to invest in an ergonomic, effective stool for better results and comfort. To learn more about Comfort Craft’s T-Base stool, call us to learn more. Our phone number is (800) 858-2838. We would love to help you get the most comfort out of your massage sessions!

The Best Massage Table for Opening the Front and Relaxing the Back

For most of us, we sit at our desks all day for work or school. Then we come home and sit some more. We slouch at the couch to watch TV. And for much of our day we are looking down at our phones and tablets. The downside of that has been repeated by our mothers and doctors. We are ruining our backs, they say. Our heads are heavy, and now our necks are having to do four times the work. Every inch forward, our head can increase its weight on the spine by ten pounds. Now that is a heavy head! This causes problems for the spine, which starts to compress upon itself. Bodywork therapists reverse this issue by using an ergonomic massage table, Model 850 by Comfort Craft. This table allows them to open the front of the patient and relax the back all while lengthening the body.

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What Makes Model 850 the Best Massage Table for Spine and Neck Therapy?

The Model 850 is not your typical massage table. It is electric and can bend in the middle. In fact, the difference is in the bend. After all, our bodies are not flat. There is a natural curve in our lower spine which affects our back. Everyday slouching affects that natural curve and compresses the spine. Model 850 helps ease the back into a relaxed position. The patient lies on their back while the table bends a bit so that the back is no longer at a flat angle. The therapist can then do specific stretches to open the front and relax the back. In doing so, the spine is brought back to its natural state.

Why Is the Bend So Important?

The bend is not just there to relax the back. It has a big role in improving posture. What many people do not know is that strengthening the front of the body helps relax the back. Think about it, when you have lower back or shoulder pain, it is usually because of slouching or an activity that put force on those areas. Those activities have tightened those areas while your front remained loose. Thus, to remove the pain, you must strengthen the front (the opposite areas). In doing so, you ease the back. The bend in Model 850 allows you to feel lighter, taller, and more energetic after a massage session. By opening the front and relaxing the back, this massage table gives your body the amazing feeling it has sought for a long time. Comfort Craft’s Model 850 is the best massage table for treating back pain. It corrects posture using its ergonomic bend (mid-split) design. Opening the front and relaxing the back truly makes a difference!


Who Can Benefit from an Electric Massage Table?

Who Can Benefit from an Electric Massage Table?


An electric massage table surpasses any other massage table for one reason: it does more. Not only could you control it electrically, but it is designed to make your life easier and more comfortable. Physical therapists everywhere, along with other bodywork professionals and spa therapists, can benefit from this table. This table is a sure way to better your career and enhance your patients’ comfort.


Why Go Electric?

The better question should be, why not go electric? An electric massage table helps you adjust the settings with a press of a button. Do you need to increase or lower your height? No problem. Being electric helps you quickly make adjustments and gain more time from your session. Plus, your patients will appreciate the fact that you have a table they can easily mount and descend.


Another benefit of going electric is the fact that your massage table would bend to your patients’ preferences. You can control the body’s arch with a click of a button so that your patient lower back is supported during the massage. A regular massage table cannot do that, nor will it ever provide this much support and comfort.


What is the Number One Electric Massage Table?

There are tons of massage tables out there. By far, however, the number one electric massage table is designed by Comfort Craft. The Comfort Craft Model 800 continues to be oue top selling massage table. Perhaps you are a spa owner, that needs BOTH flat and sit-up capabilities in your table. Meet the Model 200 - it can easily adjust from low to high and vice versa, as well as change from flat to a 75-degree sit-up position. It is ideal for all types of massage environments. It can be used to treat patients with a variety of different needs, such as prenatal massages and massages designed for elderly patients.


Comfort Craft’s Model 200 comes with the following advantages:

  • Ergonomic comfort with sit-up adjustability
  • Bolster supports the legs of all height patients
  • Exceptionally stable when flat – ideal for deep tissue
  • Armrest swings away, giving the therapist leg room
  • Face rest switches to head rest with neck pillow


An electric massage table has benefits like no other regular massage table out there. With advantages dealing with comfort, it is the perfect fit for all. Comfort Craft’s Model 200 might just be the right choice for you. To learn more about this amazing table, call 800-858-2838. We would love to help you see if this table is the right match for you. Plus, Jim loves talking tables!


What to Look for in a Professional Massage Table

There are many massage tables out there. There are electric tables, flat tables, tables with sideline pillows, tables that can be customized, and so on. How is a massage therapist like you supposed to know which is the best table? With the tons of options, it becomes a task just finding the right one. This is made even harder when you realize that you must find the perfect table not only for you but for your patients. However, it all comes down to a few simple things. When it comes to a professional massage table, one that is ideal for you, you must look for the following:


Is it Ergonomic?

A professional massage table must always be ergonomic. Otherwise, you cannot expect your patients to have the utmost comfort. An ergonomic table ensures the feel, shape, and design of the table is just right to provide support for your patients. Without such a support, your sessions would not meet their highest expectations. Plus, you will not be satisfied watching the patient not have total comfort. A table should be ergonomic, if nothing else.


Can it Be Customized to Your Needs?

A professional massage table is professional because it allows you to customize it to your patients’ needs (as well as your own). If your techniques require things such as sideline pillows or sliding arm extenders, then your table should be able to provide that. Never invest in a massage table that is one size fits all. Every massage therapist has their own preferred techniques and need their own unique massage tables.


Does it Bend for the Body’s Comfort?

A professional massage table should not be flat. No single body is flat. The spine itself bends at the lower back. Therefore, you want a table that supports the body’s natural arch. A massage table that has a bend or a mid-split design, such as the line of Comfort Craft tables, provides patients with complete comfort. The lower back is supported and the massage therapist can easily access the body. Plus, this bend helps the massage therapist remove strain from their body. By using their weight instead of their force, massage therapists like you can extend their careers and eliminate aches in their own bodies.


A professional massage table comes down to its comfort and ability to provide massage therapists with a unique experience tailored to their needs. If you would like to learn more about our Comfort Craft tables, the best on the market, call us at (800)858-2838. Jim loves talking tables!