Comfort Craft Thank You to All Veterans

This Monday was the 66th year our country celebrated Veterans Day.

As the owner of a business that 100% manufactures our tables in the USA, I really strive to create a benefit to those who serve and protect our fine country.

Thank you,

Jim Craft

FREE Shipping & Handling 
for all U.S. Veterans
on the purchase of a
 Comfort Craft
 Massage & Chiropractic Table 
 $$$ That is Hundreds of Dollars in Savings $$$
Please mention VETERANS when placing your order.
Offer Valid until November 29, 2013
Offer valid for shipping in the Continental U.S.
Call us Today at 1-800-858-2853 
The Craft Family will be there to Take your Call
Thank You for Your Service

We've Come a Long Way, Baby...

Just recently, I was going thru my office files and came across one of our very first Comfort Craft Advertisements.

I can remember a mail campaign in 1989 took about 3 months. We would wait a few weeks for a proof.... then a few more weeks for production..... then a few more weeks to mail.... finally a few more weeks to get a phone call.

Today everything is so instantaneous. We post a photo and can automatically get multiple responses within seconds. This is a very cool way to keep in touch with all of you as part of the Comfort Craft community.

As most of you know, filming and editing videos are a passion of mine. If you have visited me at an industry show, you know I love asking people customers to share their experience on film. I have learned to appreciate the viral world especially when video is involved.

Looking back, what I have enjoyed most is the many phone conversations we have shared. The countless times I have helped select fabric colors, table shapes and just sharing stories about our tables -- you know I love talking about our tables.

Even though we are in a more instantaneous age, I still believe the best relationships are built in person or at least via voice. We are never too busy to take your phone call or speak with you at one of the shows. After all, this is how we built our reputation 25 years ago and will stay a big part in building our brand in the future.

Comfort Craft is Award Winning

 Comfort Craft was honored with 2 amazing awards this season while our team was in California at the World Massage Festival.
First: on August 5, 2013 - Jim Craft, Owner and President of Comfort Craft, Inc., was inducted into the Massage Therapy Hall of Fame at the World Massage Festival in Long Beach, California. 
Comfort Craft received the 2013 Product of the Year Award. 
The World Massage Festival is always an enjoyable show but it was made even more special this year as it was held upon the historic Queen Mary liner. It was quite an experience of stepping back in history aboard this floating museum and enjoying the luxury cruise atmosphere while never having to leave the port. 
Words cannot express the true appreciation these recognitions mean to us. Thank you to our supporters and customers for being part this great journey.

A New Brand for Comfort Craft

 We have some exciting news!!!
As a way to celebrate our 25th year as Comfort Craft, we decided to refresh our visual brand, with a new logo. 
Most of you have already seen the new look over the summer at our many massage industry shows or through our social media campaigns. We are getting ready to launch our fully integrated website in the next few months. This will take our brand of custom tables to the next level.

We could have never imagined this success when we first planted the seed of Comfort Craft in 1989. Through the years, we have dedicated ourselves  to providing a quality product, building lasting relationships with our clients, and always researching new ways to continue being a trusted resource for the massage industry.
Thank you to all of our supporters for being with us for the past 25 years. We look forward to another 25 years.
All our Best,
Jim & Hagan


Below is our new logo which we feel represents our new image perfectly.