5 Reasons Why Choosing the Right Massage Table Matters


Massage tables make up a big part of massage therapy. Without them, massage therapists cannot do their job well. Massage tables are meant to provide ease of access to the patient. So, while just about any soft surface can do, massage tables are the ideal tool during massage sessions. Which is why it is important to choose the right massage table. As a massage therapist, your career depends on that table and what it can do for you and your patients. Thus, it only makes sense to invest in the best. Here are five reasons why choosing the right table matters:


For the Utmost Comfort of the Patient

If it is not obvious, you want to choose the best massage table to keep your patients comfortable. Poorly made tables can exhaust the patient. Just imagine lying on a table for an hour without a good head support or with pressure on your spine and lower back. This is not how you want your patient to spend his session with you. Unfortunately, most massage tables on the market are flat and provide low comfort. Getting a table with a bend, like a Comfort Craft table, can help support the body’s natural curves.


To Remove Strain Away from the Massage Therapist

The right table can also help remove strain from you. Think of it this way: regular, flat massage tables make you bend over your clients and put force. This exhausts your muscles and hurts your back. On the other hand, a good table with an ergonomic design allows you to use your weight rather than your force. In that way, it eliminates strain and lengthens the hours you could work.


To Tailor the Table to the Patient’s Needs

Choosing the right massage table means choosing what is best for yourself and your patient. Therefore, you want a table that can be customized for your patients’ needs. For instance, if you work as a sports therapist and travel a lot, you might want a portable table. If you have patients with difficulty getting on and off the table alone, you might want a table with easy height adjustments. You also want a table that has features specific for massage techniques you use. So, buying a one-fits-all table is not a good idea. The right table is a table you can customize.


To Increase the Massage Therapist’s Profits

Another reason why choosing the right massage table matters is that it can increase your profit. The better the table, the more comfort your patients have, the more likelihood they will come back. This way, you gain more patients and make a higher profit.


As a massage therapist, choosing the right massage table is just as essential as using all the proper techniques on your patients.

What Should a Massage Therapist Table Have?


There are many massage tables out there. Most are sadly flat and offer zero comfort to neither patients nor bodywork therapists. Despite this, many massage therapists still use flat massage tables. Low prices make it easy for just about anyone to pick a massage table without causing a dent in their bank account. However, just because something is low in price does not make it the best option. So, what exactly should a bodywork therapist table have and where can you find the best one for you?


Traits of a Good Massage Table

A good massage table should first not be flat. A flat table does not provide the body the comfort it seeks. Besides, the human body is curved. Thus, it makes no sense when massage tables are not curved too. When looking for a good massage therapist table, look for tables with a bend which can be adjusted to the therapist and patients’ needs.


Next, a massage table should be ergonomic. Its material should be of the best quality and you want the table to be customizable and adjustable. If your patient needs a sideline pillow, your table should be capable of adding one.


Comfort Craft’s Wonderful Selection of Ergonomic Tables

Comfort Craft just happens to have the best selection of ergonomic bodywork therapist tables with a bend. The bend in most tables (also known as the mid-split design), helps patients have more comfort in their massage session. The bend also removes strain most massage therapist feel in their shoulders, back, and arms during sessions. Since the table is not flat, the therapist does not have to lean over. Therefore, the massage therapist no longer puts force into their massage but rather their weight.


There are lots of fantastic Comfort Craft tables to look at. A great advanced bodywork therapist table to consider is Model 850, which helps the therapist open and lengthen the body with comfortable strokes.

protractor image 

Are Ergonomic Massage Tables Worth the Investment?

The answer is absolutely! An ergonomic massage table helps lengthen your career as a massage therapist. By being more comfortable during your sessions, you can take on more patients and retire forty years later instead of twenty years later, just as an example. Plus, more patients will return to you because of the added comfort your ergonomic table provided them. Though ergonomic massage tables cost more than flat tables, they are worth the investment because they serve you in the long run and earn you more money.


When choosing a bodywork therapist table, it is important to look at the best on the market both for your comfort as a therapist and the comfort of your patients.

Best Massage Table for Traveling Massage Therapists

Best Massage Table for Traveling Massage Therapists


Massage tables are part of your career.  This means that you need the best table for your patients and yourself. While there are tons of options to choose from on the market, there is only one suitable for you. If you travel a lot as a massage therapist (perhaps you treat athletes around the country), you want the best massage table that is both portable and ergonomic. Which is why most massage tables are not ideal. You want a table you can take anywhere with ease while having the ability to give total comfort to your patients. Here is where Comfort Craft’s Model 100 steps in.


Comfort Craft’s Portable Table

Model 100 is an ergonomic portable massage table. Steel receiving plates have been added to the table to easily install the steel bars that attach the stretching straps securely to the table. This massage table only weighs 49 lbs., making it easy to carry for traveling. The handy storage bag contains 4 Active Isolating Stretching (AIS) Bars, 4 pads, 8 straps with buckles, 2 Knee Stabilizer straps, and 2 Single Leg straps (approximately 25 lbs.).


This amazing on the go massage table is easy to install. In fact, it takes less than 15 minutes to put together and stow away. Model 100 is truly the best massage table you could buy whether you are a physical therapist, personal trainer, or athletic trainer.


Choose a Comfort Craft Table for the Best Results

An ergonomic massage table is always going to be better than a regular massage table. This makes Comfort Craft’s Model 100 the best massage table for you. Besides being comfortable, effective, and portable, this ergonomic massage table has advantages such as being customizable. Each bodywork therapist can create and put together the ideal table for them and their patients.   

Nothing beats Comfort Craft tables. As a portable table, Model 100 is the best massage table for any massage therapist who is constantly on the go. Being easy to put together and break down makes this table even better. When you need to run to your next patient session, this amazing massage table will not let you down!

What Makes Comfort Craft’s Model 200 an Ideal Spa table

What Makes Comfort Craft’s Model 200 an Ideal Spa table


There are tons of spa tables out there all promising the most comfort for the client. However, not all tables are ergonomic and can do several different things. For instance, a flat massage table cannot be adjusted to a seating position for pedicures. This is unfortunate because spas tend to offer several different services such as massages, facials, body wraps, manicures and pedicures, and more. With many services to offer, the only ideal spa table to invest in is Comfort Craft’s Model 200.


What Makes Model 200 Perfect for Spas?

Comfort Craft’s Model 200 is the best choice for spas because it is an ergonomic table that you can adjust. In other words, this plush, luxurious spa table can turn into a massage table when you need it, transform into a chair for pedicures, and more. This table is also electric, making it easy to adjust from low to high and vice versa. Additionally, it is easy to adjust this table from flat to a 75-degree sit-up position.


What Else Can This Spa Table Be Used For?

Asides from being used for spa treatments, Comfort Craft’s Model 200 can be also used for prenatal massages, for treating elderly patients, and for treating those with back problems.

 Model 200 color front above with facerest on clean 97

Other Advantages of Model 200

As we have mentioned above, there are tons of spa tables out there. However, what makes this spa table stand out among the rest are its amazing advantages:

  • Ergonomic comfort with sit-up adjustability
  • Bolster supports the legs of all height patients
  • Exceptionally stable when flat – ideal for deep tissue
  • Armrest swings away, giving the therapist leg room
  • Face rest switches to head rest with neck pillow


At the same time, the cutout table top design gives physical therapists easier access to the patient. This decreases back, shoulder, and arm strain. Rather than leaning too far over the patient to provide the ultimate massage, a physical therapist can easily access the patient. Plus, this helps the physical therapist use their weight instead of their force during the massage.


While there are plenty of spa tables out on the market, there is no spa table like Comfort Craft’s Model 200. Being ergonomic and adjustable makes this table stand out. Never again use a regular, nonadjustable table for the spa workplace. With so much to offer and many advantages, Model 200 is your best option both for yourself and your patients and clients. You will not regret the investment!

Is a Massage Stool Helpful for a Massage Therapist?

Is a Massage Stool Helpful for a Massage Therapist? 

Massage stools are regularly sold with the promise that they will help a massage therapist provide better sessions. Though, how exactly does a massage stool enhance the effectiveness of a treatment? Yes, there are lots of photos of great massage stools being put to use. But why should you buy your own stool and how does it both help you and your patients?


The Advantages of Massage Stools

Using the right massage stool, meaning ergonomic, can benefit you in many ways. As a massage therapist, standing throughout your sessions can tire you out. Putting strain on your shoulders and back while you lean over the patient is never good. That is where a stool comes in. An ergonomic stool can help you:

  • Work on various parts of your patient’s body like the neck, shoulders, and feet without needing to lean over.
  • Adjust the height of the stool so that you are aligned with the patient.

You can even have your patient sit on the massage stool and receive proper upper back treatment while you stand. This can help you gain more control over the patient’s back in certain situations compared to when the patient is lying down.

 david with model on stoolsmall

Where Can You Find Ergonomic Massage Stools?

You have come to the perfect place. Here at Comfort Craft, you will find the leading massage stools on the market. Not only are they ergonomic, but you can customize them to your preference and needs.


Our number one bestselling stool is the T-Base stool, which is equipped with a large wheel castor system and non-rotating seat allowing you to control the stool completely by using the leg muscles. This stool has an ergonomic design which allows the knee to be higher than the hip when you are seated, utilizing the sit muscles for movement control. By using a series of different gas cylinders, we can create a stool that has a variety of height adjustments ranging from extremely low to high. So, not only is the T-base ergonomic stool comfortable to sit on, but it is perfect for all sitting positions, whether you need the stool to stay tall or low to accommodate your height and most relaxed pose.


An ergonomic massage stool can make a huge difference to your work as a physical therapist by adding comfort and better mobility and enhancing the effectiveness of the treatment. To learn more about our stools, call us today! Our phone number is 800-858-2838.