Why Massage Therapists Love the Comfort Craft Stool?

Why Massage Therapists Love the Comfort Craft Stool?


davidstool2The right massage stool can transform the session completely. Without an ergonomic stool, massage therapists have a hard time being comfortable. This can get in the way of the massage and relaxation. It can even break the calm atmosphere. The right massage stool can help the massage therapist have ease of effort. That is why many massage therapists look at the Comfort Craft stool. The ergonomic T-Base stool designed by Comfort Craft has been proven to help with long term comfort and enhance each session.


What Makes Comfort Craft Stools the Best Option?

Comfort Craft stools are designed for long term comfort, ease of mobility, and to further enhance your treatment experience. Comfort Craft knows that you most likely have to sit for prolonged periods of time at work, which is why the seat of the stools is designed to offer complete comfort during long sessions of sitting. The actual seat comes in four different sizes to accommodate each therapist’s individual size and requirements. These sizes are petite, medium, full, or extra full. All seats come with a luxurious foam padding that gives you a floating sensation and all day comfort.


Comfort Craft’s #1 Stool: The T-Base Stool

This is Comfort Craft’s number one bestselling stool for the massage industry. This massage stool is equipped with a large wheel castor system and non-rotating seat allowing the therapist to control the stool completely by using the leg muscles. This stool has an ergonomic design which allows the knee to be higher than the hip when you are seated, utilizing the sit muscles for movement control. By using a series of different gas cylinders, Comfort Craft is able to create a stool that has a variety of height adjustments ranging from extremely low to high. So not only is the T-base ergonomic stool comfortable to sit on, but it is perfect for all sitting positions, whether you need the stool to stay tall or low to accommodate your height and most relaxed pose.


Comfort Craft’s STP Package

For massage and physical therapists, Comfort Craft’s STP (Stool, Table, Pillow) package might be a smart way to upgrade equipment for a great deal. This package lets you choose from Comfort Craft’s amazing line of tables and pillows while also getting the T-Base stool. With a great package deal like this, you can finally grab the ergonomic equipment you need in the workplace at a great price.


Comfort Craft’s ergonomic massage stool allows massage therapists to have comfort and ease of mobility effort to help patients feel their best.

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Prenatal Massage Is Good for the Mother and Baby

Prenatal Massage Is Good for the Mother and Baby


Pregnancy is a miracle, but its symptoms can be uncomfortable. Pregnant women deal with morning sickness, swelling feet, aching back, and baby massage ComfortCraftmore. However, women can alleviate this pain through prenatal massage. This type of massage can get rid of many of the symptoms that pregnant women deal with throughout the stages of their pregnancy and help ease them into a more comfortable delivery when the baby is ready to be born. Plus, this massage also helps the fetus. Below are the benefits of this massage:


Benefits of a Prenatal Massage

Massages in general help relieve stress and body tension through the following ways:

  • Improves circulation: A big reason for that wonderful, relaxing sensation you get after someone massages your back, neck, scalp, feet, etc., is blood circulation. Every time you receive a massage treatment, blood moves through the congested areas of your body. This makes way for new blood to stream in, which can both give you the feeling of relaxation and improve many body functions.
  • Relaxes muscles: Everyday chores, even the ones that require you to sit all day, can make your muscles tighten. And if you have tense muscles, you will find yourself with lots of pain. This is why a lot of people that have a desk job have neck and back pains. With a massage, these tight muscles would loosen up.
  • Lowers blood pressure: Everything goes hand in hand when it comes to massage treatments. For instance, getting a massage and having a better blood flow can put you in a more relaxed state and, thus, lower blood pressure. This is a great way to get rid of overwhelming feelings such as anxiety and depression, which sometimes appear with high blood pressure.
  • Relieves headaches: Neck, scalp, and facial massages relieve headaches. Therefore, if you are feeling extra stressed or simply feeling tired and your head hurts because of all that is going on around you, getting a neck, scalp, and facial massages will remove all that headache and tension away.


And a prenatal massage works exactly like that as well. A massage during pregnancy helps alleviate backaches, stiff muscles, leg cramps, swelled feet, and even headaches. Additionally, because this massage helps loosen tension in the body, it gets rid of depression and anxiety caused by hormonal changes during pregnancy. Best of all, this massage can aid pregnant women in sleeping better.

sideline pilllow set cleaned 

How Are Prenatal Massages Usually Done?

Obviously, it would be highly uncomfortable—and dangerous—for a pregnant woman to lie flat on her stomach for a massage. So, when it comes to prenatal massages, women lie on their side with supportive, soft cushions (see Comfort Craft Sideline Pillow Set)  to relieve lower back and pelvic strain, making this type of massage truly ideal for pregnant women.


Pregnancy is associated with exhaustion and back pain, but it does not have to be. With regular prenatal massage, pregnancy and childbirth will be more comfortable.

Why Massage Therapists Love This Electric Massage Table

Why Massage Therapists Love This Electric Massage Table


Massage therapists who use a regular flat massage table feel strain on their shoulders, necks, and arms. The constant pressure sometimes disrupts the relaxing atmosphere. For that reason, Comfort Craft’s massage tables are like no other. With the bend (mid-split design), massage therapists can have more comfort. By using their weight rather than their muscles, massage therapists can be more relaxed and give effective massages to their clients. A great example of a Comfort Craft table is Model 300, a fantastic electric massage table with the mid-split design.


How Does the Bend Work?

Comfort Craft pioneered the mid-split (the bend) over 20 years ago to help therapists take the body out of being on a flat surface. This creative approach allows the relaxation of the lower back and supports the arch of the body when lying face up. Another great benefit of the mid-split is that it can be used by therapists to help themselves with opening up their own front line due to overworking their own muscles. In other words, the bend not only improves the treatment and the comfort of the clients, but it also reduces the therapist’s efforts by half and allows him/her to work more efficiently. A two to three-minute session can make a major difference in day-to-day work. As a result, no more would a therapist need to hunch over the client, putting strain on his/her muscles just to be able to give the client a good massage. This holds true in Comfort Craft’s electric massage table, Model 300.


Model 300’s Features and Benefits

Here is a list of features and benefits both massage therapists and clients get from this wonderful electric massage table:

1)The Model 300 reduces a therapist’s workload by 50% and allows the patient to relax into a neutral position during the massage.

2)Using the dual foot controls on either side of the table, different body positions are easily obtained.

3)The patient’s position is enhanced by using the power mid-split, which helps relax the patient's body into a neutral position.

4)Removing the headrest allows the therapist to move the patient’s head in any position, offering complete release and relaxation of the neck muscles.

5)Using the Comfort Craft TBase Stool, the therapist has a mechanical advantage with his arms parallel to the floor, allowing greater ease of treatment without strain.

6)Side positioning allows easy body opening with low stress and little effort for the therapist.

7)Using the Sideline Pillow Set, in combination with the mid-split feature of the Model 300, allows for natural body lengthening.

8)Using the Power Mid-Split, the patient’s lower back is allowed to relax by raising the table nine degrees while in the prone position. This takes the compressed back in to the neutral position, which aids the therapist in treatment. With the patient in a supine position, the nine degrees supports the low back’s arch muscles and allows the body to be neutral.


Now that you know a little more about Comfort Craft’s mid-split design and Model 300, it is time for you to check out this awesome electric massage table for yourself. So, give us a call. Jim loves talking tables!


Speed Injury Recovery with These Powerful Foods

Speed Injury Recovery with These Powerful Foods


Injuries are not easy to recover from. Of course, there are ways to help you speed up recovery but none as easy as eating the below powerful foods which help you speed up injury recovery. If you are currently suffering from an injury, be sure to include these foods into your diet.


Foods that Contain High Doses of Protein

Obviously, protein is needed to help the body heal, especially when it comes to injured bones. Therefore, foods that contain high doses of protein are best. Some of these foods are grass fed beef, chicken, eggs, beans, tofu, lentils, yogurt, fish, cheese, and even nuts and seeds. Consuming these foods rich in protein will help you have a speedier injury recovery.


Foods with Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Did you know that if you eat foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as walnuts, almonds, pecans, flax seeds, and salmon, you can decrease any inflammation caused by your injury? Yup, omega-3 fatty acids can reduce inflammation, which means that if you consume foods that are high in omega-3, you will not need to take pain killers and drugs, and that is because reducing the swelling and inflammation naturally will also reduce the pain.


Foods with Vitamin A

The body needs white blood cells to heal injuries and keep the body strong. Thus, if you are recovering from an injury, you should help promote those white blood cells in your body so that you can heal faster. That is where vitamin A comes in. Vitamin A promotes the production of white blood cells, which can be highly beneficial to you during your injury recovery period. What you can do to increase white blood cells is consume foods rich in vitamin A. Those foods are things such as sweet potatoes, carrots, cantaloupe, tropical fruits, and dark leafy greens (like spinach).


Foods Rich in Zinc

Foods with zinc are powerful for your body because every tissue in your body naturally contains zinc. Therefore, when you consume foods with zinc, you help your body use the fats and proteins you ate to promote growth and heal your injuries. Plus, zinc is important for keeping your immune system resilient, so it is essential that you eat foods like nuts and seeds, lean beef, chicken, chickpeas, yogurt, cheese, and oysters and crabs.



Speeding up injury recovery is no easy task. However, if you eat the right kinds of foods, you can be sure to notice improvement in your recovery.

Ways Deep Tissue Massage Can Help Marathon Runners

Ways Deep Tissue Massage Can Help Marathon Runners


Marathon runners have a goal set in mind: to strengthen their body and reach the end. Thus, while training, they tend to do intense workouts. While these workouts help them prepare for marathons, they also leave them sore. So, how can marathon runners strengthen their bodies without losing energy? With regular massages! Professional marathon runners all know of the importance of massage. For one, it boosts energy. For two, it helps with the blood flow. However, there is specific timing to receiving these helpful massages. That leaves you with the following question: How often should marathon runners get deep tissue massages and what are the top deep tissue massage benefits?


What Are the Benefits?

There are many deep tissue massage benefits for marathon runners, both for improving their health and aiding them in their marathons.

  • Deep tissue massages improve blood flow to the muscles by stimulating the circulatory system.
  • They create an inflow of oxygen-rich blood, which assists in getting rid of the byproducts of hard exercise and supplies fresh nutrients.
  • Helps marathon runners reduce muscle soreness and enhance range of motion (which can greatly come in handy during future marathons), and aids in the breakup of scar tissue or adhesions that can constrain muscle movements.

With these benefits, professional marathon runners would feel better after long training sessions and intense workouts and would also be in a healthier shape for the next marathon.


When Should Marathon Runners Get Deep Tissue Massages?

People new to this sport sometimes make the mistake of getting thier massages at the wrong time. With all the training a runner put in, we don't want set the marathon runner back. And since deep tissue massages are meant to improve a marathon runner’s shape and health and make him or her feel better after long training sessions and marathons, it is important to know when the right time is to get a deep tissue massage.


To do so, we are going to mention when not to get a massage.

  • It is a bad idea to get a massage immediately after long training sessions or marathons, since it is best that the muscles are relaxed during deep tissue massages. Therefore, a marathon runner can get a massage after an easy workout and run.
  • It is also recommended that he or she get a massage the day before another light workout and run. Besides, going for a hard run and workout right after a deep tissue massage only negates the benefits and reintroduces waste products into the system, which further dehydrates the muscles, and that is not something a marathon runner wants.

Thus, a marathon runner should let his or her body heal a few days after a long marathon before he or she gets a deep tissue massage. The same applies to getting a massage before a long marathon; doing so several days before a long run is the best choice marathon runners could make.


Deep tissue massage can help marathon runners feel their best in between intense workouts and training sessions. Plus, it keeps their body strong. To enhance thier recovery, a runner should ask for thier next massage be on a Comfort Craft Table. The Model 800 & Model 850 are ideal for sports and deep tissue therapy.