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Since receiving my Comfort Craft table, I have been able to take more appts. I have suffered with back problems for quite some time and having the table has made it much easier to have good body mechanics. A must in our industry. The patients are loving the table too. It allows them to be stretched which my other basic massage table has not allowed me to do easily. I work much easier and sometimes feel effortless. This table is awesome! I highly recommend this table to all practioners. Thank you Jim!!
- Lisa Fargo of Beaverton, OR

It is everything I expected it to be and just what I needed to make my sessions go much easier. It pleases my clients and meets their needs much greater than ever before. I wish I gotten one years ago.
- Laurie Schleman of Englewood, FL

I absolutely “LOVE” my new table!! Thanks so much for such an excellent product made specifically for the massage therapist. Work is so much easier.
- Suzanne Gmirek of Mequon, WI

I love it!! Thanks for extending the years I will offer massage.
- Liz Tyson-Kratz of Duluth, MN

This purchase has definitely made my life much easier as a massage therapist. My clients love the table and the different positions that help stretch their bodies. I’m so glad I invested in this piece of equipment. It will help in the longevity of my career!
- Kathy M. Lutz of Mason City, IA

Clients love the position versatility, and so does my back!
- Laurel Haigh-Gore, LMP of Seattle, WA

The table is great. I can’t believe how much of a strain it has lifted from my body. And my patients love the way it feels!
- Angela Barker of Milton, WV

I feel the Comfort Craft table will give me another 15-20 years of providing deep tissue and neuromuscular work. The positions that I have been able to utilize could never be performed on a regular flat table. They offer me longevity in my practice in addition to more comfort to each patient depending on their injuries.
- James R. Lehman, LMT, NMT, President, TherapyWorks of Jacksonville, FL

The purchase of my Comfort Craft table was the best business and personal decision I could have made. My current clients absolutely love it and benefit from it, and my new clients never imagined a massage could be so good.
- Karma Gaw of Bowling Green, MO

I have never felt more in sync with anything as I do with the Comfort Craft M800 table. It surpassed my expectations. Thank you!
- Dulcie Dick of Des Moines, IA

This table is one of the best investments I’ve ever made. When doing AIS work on the spine my clients can just lay down and the table bends so they have support instead of letting their upper torso “hang off of the table.” I haven’t had to get on the table to do deep work since I got it! I just lower the table. And at the end of the day, it can stretch out my back! Thanks so much!
- Daisy Millett of Booneville, NC

Love my table. My back appreciates it the most!
- Roger Young of Ormond Beach, FL

The more I use my Comfort Craft table, the more I LOVE IT!
- Kathy Milligan of Coshocton, OH