Designing Your Next Table

How Comfort Craft Designs the Table to fit your Individual Needs!

We have worked with many therapists for nearly two decades to enhance their skills by selecting the best fit for them using many custom features that Comfort Craft has available. By asking questions about the therapist, we can put together an efficient package to meet each individual’s needs.

We start by understanding your type or types of modalities. 800TableAlone2a

A. In selecting the top shape and size of the pad, we look at the following criteria:

  1. The type of massages or modalities that you practise. This is a short list of the many types of massage or modalities available that may use different types of top designs to allow easier work. Many therapists do more than one type of work, so by understanding your needs we can lead you through the top selection.
    • Rolfer/Structure Work - Our Type 1 or Type 2 is the favorite for this work because of the space needed to work the total body all over the table. The mid-split cut-out can be added when the top is.
    • Craniosacral Therapy - Our Type 8 shape allows for a large surface area but also provides a cut-in to aid in other types of massage. Special large head pillows can be designed for different arm positions at the front of the table. The Model 300/ 800 can have a special head pillow that replaces the removable head rest.
    • Deep Tissue/ Sport Work - The Type 10 shape allows for the therapist to get as close to the body as possible for more direct work. The cut in allows the therapist to work into the center of the table with out bending over (see section B about the height and width of the table.) This top design has reduced the effort of most therapists by 50% due to their ability to work with a straight arm using their weight and stepping in at theThis top also works really well when the AIS system is added.
    • AIS/Stretching - The Type 10 works very well for this type of work, however, the Type 9 was originally designed for AIS work. We have a type 5m top that is also popular in this kind of work. The other modification is to square off the rear of the top for dropping the leg off the end of the table. This can be done to the type 5m, type 9 and the type 10. Arm straps that attach to the base can be added to give a location for the person to grab onto for special stretching techniques.
    • ART - The model 850 is the latest table designed for a very special type of therapist. The top shape has been designed to allow 20 degrees of swing at the rear of the table. The front pad has 2 arm extensions that can be removed to reduce the pad width to 16” for total rotation of shoulders while lying face down. The area around the mid split has a space for the therapist to step in and work across the body.
    • Other Modalities - the different shapes shown were created from years of designing massage table tops for all types of modalities. We developed the type 3 early to allow more space at the legs, and this started our line of shapes. We can use the features of one design on another shape if needed, thus designing a special top shape for your needs. Call for your custom top shape.
  2. Your individual body height can make a major difference on what width table top can help you the most. For individuals under 5’8 we offer a 30” wide top and for over 5’9”, we build a 32”We can build other sizes if needed.
  3. Your room size is important for how long you need your top to be. We suggest a 68” long pad so with the large head pillow you have an 80” surface to work with. That is 5” shorter than the standard portable table with a 73” top plus a 12” head rest equaling 85”. The 68” long top will fit into a 10ft long room and give you more space if you get the tops with 4” narrow foot area and rounded on the end. Without the legs of the portable table at each end you have more space in which to work. If you are not sure, we can do a layout of your room and show you how the table will fit tops as short as 62” and over 72” long if needed. A leg extender can be added to increase the table length when needed. It can be added and removed during the session. The leg extenders can be 4 inches to 10 inches long. 
  4. Your client body size can create a need for a longer top; we know the 68” top with large head pillow can accommodate a person who is 6’4 to 6’comfortably.  Your client body size can create a need for a longer top; we know the 68” top with large head pillow can accommodate a person who is 6’ 4” to 6’ 7”.
  5. We can design a special pad for your need or use a mix of our designs. We have designed a special pad to aid in lymph node drainage to a very small pad to work on children or small clients. With the pad-lock system a set on top pad can be removed and different pads can be installed in a couple of minutes. It is not unusual for the therapist to have special shape/size pads for their specialty work!


B) We offer 48 pad colors to match your room color or to enhance the look of your settings. If you are building a new client base, showing off your table uncovered to professionals could bring business from people wishing to see your professional equipment. In the Model 800, we offer black and white frames to match your office needs. The only difference between the black and white frames is that the black frame will show more of the sheet lint than the white base table. The frame color can define how the table looks in the setting. White frames look very medically professional, and can help a small room look bigger. In the model 300 we offer white frames only.ccColorChartFinal-1C) To get the best fit of the stool for you, we have you measure from the underside of your knee to the floor with the type of shoes you normally wear. This gives us your normal sitting height. To get the best ergonomic position weight, you need to have your knees slightly above your hips. This allows your body to bend into your sit muscles. In this position you are much stronger and can use your leg muscles to move the stool or aid you in your work. Also, you can now lock up your back so not to bend forward. When using your upper body, this aids in your proper ergonomic sitting position. By using different gas cylinders, we can select the correct seat height for each individual stool. The dimensions besides the cylinder are the seat height when the cylinder is at its lowest/highest position. For taller individuals, we supply seat spacers to raise the lowest seat height by ¾ inch per spacer.

  1. Petite: 100 to 130 pounds tbasestool
  2. Medium: 135- 165 pounds
  3. Full: 170-200 pounds
  4. Extra Full: 205- up

D) We have many accessories to meet your individual needs. Here are some of the accessories you can order:

  1. Arm Extenders - Arm extenders can be added to your top to increase the width by four inches on each side and eight inches total. These are used for face up work and can be ordered with your table or added later on.
  2. AIS System - The AIS System will give you the ability to secure your client to the pad with individual belts, isolating an area for stretch therapy. This system allows adjustments on the move and is easy to release. This system can be installed in production or can be added on the Model 800, 830, and 300.  The system for the 800 and 850 have 3 straps, while the Model 300 has 2 straps.
  3. The Stool Holder - This holder allows the stool to become stationary for structure work or other sitting requirements.
  4. Breast Pad and Face Spacers - Our pad was designed for the large breasted woman and larger woman. Presently, we only have one size (large). The face spacers are 1” thick and give you the ability to raise the face up more than 3.0” higher than the face rest does. May be used with the breast pad or with a body support.
  5. Table Controls - All of the tables come with two foot pedals, one on each side, which will cover from front to rear of the table. Additional controls can be added at the time that the table is being built for your type of work. Available optional controls are listed below: footpedal
    1. Adding an up and down hand control under the front pad
    2. Adding a third foot control to have at the front of table all the time
    3. Adding a four button hand control that allows you or your patient to control the table
    4. Adding a four button hand control up to 25 feet long.
  6. U Shape Arm Rest - this extra support for the arm can be added to the arm rest bar and secured with Velcro. This allows for across the front arm crossing under the head rest. This was designed for clients with special needs.
  7. PT Type Arm Rest - this type of arm rest is attached to the underside of the sub plate. This arm rest will work independently of the headrest arm rest. The arm pads can be rotated in many different positions as to give many arm support locations. The PT arm rest can only be installed on the Model 800 and can NOT be installed if you have an AIS system installed.
  8. Sit-Up Pillow - This pillow is added on top of your existing pads and is locked in place by two straps. This makes the table into a semi sit-up position and also allows for a flat top with the head higher then the rest of the body.
  9. Leg Extender - This can be installed so you can increase your table length from 4” to 10”. They can be easily added and removed during a session.