Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need special power for the table?

Any 11 VAC outlets will work; the table only uses power when you touch the foot pedals

Do I need a special Surge Protector to safe guard the electrical components?

We highly recommend the use of an Uninterrupted Power Control Unit (like you use on your Computer) UPC or a good Surge Protector that handles 200-300 Volt Amps, 120 Volts, or 1080 Joules. The UPC is the better unit because it has batteries which regulate the output power.

What is the actual weight of the table if I should want to move it?

The frame is 175 lbs. and the pads are 40-60 lbs. The table can be easily moved. Simply remove the pads, stand the table on end, and relocate using a dolly.

Is there an easy way to move the table around the room?

We have just completed the design of a single wheel that can be bolted to the front of the table allowing the ability to maneuver the table much like a wheel barrow.

What is the weight capacity of the table?

We weight test it to lift 700 pounds of concrete, timing it from its lowest position to its highest. Each table is tested and certified.

Can I order additional or a different designed pad for my table?

You can order a complete new pad set in a different size and design at any time. Pads are easily removed and interchanged, due to our Pad-Loc System.

Is a two-toned color pad available?

We have over 60 available colors and combinations available to select from. We can send samples of most of our colors.

 Why is the Super Soft Ultra-Leather Face Pillow designed in a full circle?

Many years ago I had a great face up massage but when I rolled over into a crescent face pillow I was not only uncomfortable but I also left with the impression of the crescent ring upon my forehead face. This inspired me to search for a better solution. The result of our testing is the Super Soft Face Pillow that molds to fit individual faces. The pillow is made of Ultra-Leather which is close to the feel of human skin and developed to support the total head, not just the forehead, by using pliable filler that supports the chin, cheek and forehead for even weight distribution. The pillow can be made wider or small before the client places their face in it to make it custom for each person.

Will my sheets work on the table?

All of your sheets will work just fine on the Comfort Craft Table. You may want to get face covers designed for the super soft face pillow.

What happens to my sheets and pads when the table bends?

With a body on the table, the sheets can slide as the body bends and then slide back into place when the top goes flat.

How long does it take to get comfortable with the foot pedals?

Most owners find that after about a month they get very comfortable with moving the pedal around the table and learn which foot pedal controls each action.

What exactly is “The Dance” Jim speaks of?

I was once asked why the Comfort Craft table is different than a flat table and while explaining, I developed what I now call “The Dance”. It is a 10-15 minute “mind blowing” table experience that anyone can do. It is a routine that allows the body to feel totally open and permits the body to elongate resulting in the ability to actually stand taller. You have to experience “The Dance” to understand how quickly you can change the body!

How easy is it to unpack?

(Please check out the DVD on how to unpack) The unpacking takes about 30 minutes and requires little assembly.

How much assembly is there required to do when the table arrives?

The average time to set up is about 25 to 45 minutes. The DVD gives a good visual guide of the table set up.