The importance of Mid-Split Design

The Comfort Craft Mid-Split has revolutionized the way a therapist can relax, open and decompress the body.
25 years ago my therapist asked me to build a table that bends! He kept saying the body is not flat, so after understanding the benefits, Comfort Craft created the original bending massage table.  After building this bending table for 20 years and listening to the feedback from our owners, I can confirm the benefits exceed my expectations.

I have found that  very few therapists and clients understand how important the stretching of the front line of the body is. From my own experience, after kite boarding for a few hours, I have a hard time standing up straight.  When kiting, with my shorter arm, I had to lean forward to control the kite and I created a pattern in my body that was locked on. I found I was able to change my body pattern by lying on my back on the table, using the foot control to raise the mid-split 25-30 degrees for 5-10 minutes.  What a difference the mid-split table makes in such a short time! Think about it, how could this table help your clients stand up straight in minutes!