Cranial Head Pillow


The Cranial Head Pillow is designed to be used in place of the Large Head Pillow when doing Cranial Sacral work. It has a wider area allowing the therapist to use the Cranial Head Pillow for elbow support.   The Cranial Head Rest is easy to slide in and out for use.

Available in three widths (24”, 26”, 28”)

It is shown with a contoured front pad but can be adpated for straight front table top.


DSC00282-Sliding Headrest VersionwebDSC00293- InstallationWeb

The Cranial Pillow is designed to provide a large stable pad at the front of the table for a wide elbow stance. Each pad is custom designed to fit perfectly with the existing front pad design of the individual tables. 


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Installation Instructions:

Installation of the Cranial Pillow takes about 25 minutes using the actual pillow support bars as the template for attaching the nylon block receiver mounts.