Sideline Pillow

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Stabilizing the body while doing sideline work, these bolsters position the body allowing it to open up for the therapist to work on the sideline area. Pillow set consists of 3 pillows: the Head Support Pillow (Keeps head in correct position), the Midsplit Pillow (fits under the rib cage keeping the body from rolling front to back), and the Leg Pillow (can be used to support the leg during sideline work but can also be used under the knees or ankles during work with the client supine or prone). The Sideline Pillow Set can be used on all Models, but was especially designed for the Model 800 and 850 tables.


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The side line pillow set stabilizes the clients mid section while supporting the head for an improved and more efficient side line massage. The leg pillow can also be used under the knees or ankle while in the prone or supine position. The side line pillow set is designed to work with the mid split of the Model 300.

Special pillow set           

Mid Split Pilllow           

Head wedge                      

Leg pillow


 $375 plus $25 s& h


 0201 4322a