Barefoot Bars

And the Comfort Craft Bodywork Table

Gravity Assisted Massage Blends Deep Tissue Therapy with Soothing Relaxation

Barefoot Therapy, also called Gravity Assisted Massage, borrows time-honored techniques from the Far Eastern ancient masters. As in Western massage, Barefoot Therapy combines smooth, continuous, flowing strokes with cross-fiber, acupressure and deep compression for truly awesome results.

Therapists use pressure from the feet and the weight of their bodies to bring about structural change to soft tissue, milk the muscles, open chakras and release toxins. The technique revives the body of depleted blood supply and lymphatic flow. This stimulates the body’s immune system and promotes self-healing, while providing deep relaxation.

Easy to Use with a Comfort Craft Table

We recommend using the Barefoot Bar system with a Comfort Craft Electric Table for extra ease and higher performance, but the Barefoot Bar system is able to be used with any standard massage table. A benefit of the Comfort Craft table is that it drops to ADA height and raises up to the standard massage table height, as no other table does.

Using the Comfort Craft hand control allows the therapist greater depth and safety while being able to move the table into different positions. A therapist of any size or weight can apply foot pressure on a scale ranging from very light to very deep using the hand control.

Barefoot Bars are totally weight supporting. They have been tested with over 350 lbs hanging and swinging weight!! The Bar Support System is very stable, with no rock from side to side and a small rock from head to toe, which saves the shoulders of the therapists.


The barefoot bars system is silver and black, has a footprint that is 8 feet long and 6 feet wide, there are no bottom rails to trip over, and the system is so stable the therapist can use the upright legs to support themselves during a massage.

The support grab bars are a hand-rubbed all-natural finish on an ash wood.

Space requirements:

  • Fits within a ceiling height of at least 8 feet, height may be customized.
  • Weight of the Barefoot Bar System is 120 lbs., the weight of the table is approximately 250 lbs. when completely set up.
  • The setup time for the Bar system is approximately 20 minutes with two sets of hands, and 20-30 minutes for the table.

*Barring any of the standard contradications