Comfort Craft Stools

Comfort Craft designs and produces their custom stools to meet the specific requirements of the therapist, whether in massage, general spa work or the dental field.

As with our tables, we take the same individualized care in building our stools to meet the unique and specific needs of our client base. Our stools are designed for long term comfort; ease of mobility and to further enhance your treatment experience.


The seat of the stools is designed to offer complete comfort during long sessions of sitting. The actual seat comes in four different sizes to accommodate each therapist’s individual size and requirements. Your Comfort Craft sales professional will help you decide between the petite, medium, full or extra full.  All seats come with a luxurious foam padding that gives you a floating sensation and all day comfort.  (Refer to the Design Section for exact statistics)

Our stools come in two distinct styles, listed below:

The T-Base Stool

This is our number one best-selling stool for the massage industry. The stool is equipped with a large wheel castor system and non-rotating seat allowing the therapist to control the stool completely by using the leg muscles. This stool has an ergonomic design which allows the knee to be higher than the hip when you are seated, utilizing the sit muscles for movement control. By using a series of different gas cylinders, we are able to create a stool that has a variety of height adjustments ranging from extremely low to high. (Refer to the Design Section for exact statistics)


The Star-Base Stool

This 5-pronged base stool is a favorite with Estheticians, Dentists, Dental Hygienists and Spa work because it offers height, a base foot ring and the ability to add an additional back if desired. Comfort Craft took the rolling of your stool to a new level with 4 inch diameter wheels which roll easily on most surfaces. This stool can be designed for your individual height or the height at which you prefer to work.

Please refer to our Design Section or speak with a Comfort Craft representative for more details on our specialty stools.



To get the best fit of the stool for you, we have you measure from the underside of your knee to the floor with the type of shoes you normally wear. This gives us your normal sitting height. To get the best ergonomic position weight, you need to have your knees slightly above your hips. This allows your body to bend into your sit muscles. In this position you are much stronger and can use your leg muscles to move the stool or aid you in your work. Also, you can now lock up your back so not to bend forward. When using your upper body, this aids in your proper ergonomic sitting position. By using different gas cylinders, we can select the correct seat height for each individual stool. The dimensions besides the cylinder are the seat height when the cylinder is at its lowest/highest position. For taller individuals, we supply seat spacers to raise the lowest seat height by ¾ inch per spacer.

Cylinder - Leg Height
3.5 14-16 1/2
4.0 15-18 1/2
5.5 16-21

For additional comfort we have 4 sizes of stool seats. each size supports different baody shapes and sizes to give more comfort while sitting for a long session. The shape of the stool seat and the type of foam used allows for more ergonomically positioning without cutting the blood off to the legs and by supporting the backside comfortably.

Petite: 100 to 130 pounds
Medium: 135- 165 pounds
Full: 170-200 pounds
Extra Full: 205- up

Don't forget to purchase one of our stool holders to make your stool stationary!



Stabilizing the stool while the client sits on it with our top selling TBase Stool (when off the wheels) allows the therapist to work on the shoulder area while standing on stool rear frame.  The TBase Stool on the holder can be used for doing Rolfing seated work it can also be used for loading onto the table when doing Shiatsu.

$60 plus $25 s&h


Installation Instructions: Put the Stool Holder on the floor, then place the Stool right on top of the holder with the the TBase legs resting in the brackets.